How To Find Hazenite Locations In Riftbreaker

Are you tired of trying to locate Hazenite in Riftbreaker? Then this guide is for you.

Hazenite is a yellow crystal that is found at very few places in Riftbreaker, which is why it can be challenging to find the locations of it. You also have to unlock a few things and complete missions before you locate them. Once you do, the crystal can be used for crafting particular weapons. So here is a guide that will help you find it.

How to Find Hazenite in Riftbreaker

hazenite location and harvest in riftbreaker

The location to find Hazenite in Riftbreaker is at the Tropical Zone in the Jungle Biome. It can vastly be found underground near the bulbous mushrooms too. They are grown out of orange and red flowers. They look like yellow glowing crystals like the image above.

However, majority of Hazenites are hidden and you will have to scan the shrubs and plants underground to find them. Once found, you can decide to cultivate them, underground itself. Or you can extract and harvest them on your home base too.

Requirements to Find & Harvest Hazenite

  • The proper way to find them is also a little complicated, where you have to unlock the alien tech tree.
  • You will also need the Geoscanner and Bio Scanner to locate them.
  • Then you will also require, Crystal Collecters, to extract them and harvest them elsewhere.
  • Harvesting the crystals will require you to use Filtered water.
  • You can use the Water Filtering Plant or try the Liquid Pump.
  • Cultivating Hazenite will be a task as you have to find the right way to get the pipeline to transport the water to your farm location.

Players first come across this need to find Hazenite and cultivate it due to the Hazenite Handling mission. This mission is unlocked through the Cobalth mission zone and the Fungus Crystallo Luteus. You have to scan the plants in these zones to unlock the Hazenite Handling mission.

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