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GTA 5: How To Switch Characters On PC

This guide will help you if want to change your character in GTA 5.

GTA 5 is the fifth addition to the Grand Theft Auto series and it is based in Los Santos. GTA doesn’t need any introduction as every gamer has played some or the other version of it. In this game, you get a certain number of missions which you need to complete for progressing. Changing your character based on the mission gives you an upper hand, so in this article, we’ll be seeing how you can switch or change characters in GTA 5 from your PC.

How to Swap Characters in GTA 5 on PC

GTA 5 Characters how to switch

  • Open your GTA 5 and load a new game or saved one.
  • Now press and hold your keyboard left “Alt” button that is beside the windows button.
  • Several boxes will open detailing stamina strength and other things.
  • Look at the bottom right side of your screen, you’ll see a circle which is divided into four parts.
  • That contain three in-game characters and your online GTA character.
  • Don’t leave the Alt key and move your mouse in a circular motion till the character you are desiring gets highlighted.
  • Leave the Alt key once you are on that character
  • The character switch will apply in your game.

Characters That Are Available in GTA 5

There are three main characters whom you can choose from in GTA 5 to Change Characters, Trevor Philips, Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton.

  • Trevor Philips: He is a former Airforce Pilot and Founder of ” Trevor Philips Enterprises”, a company that deals with weapons, ammunition and drugs. Designed with Steven Org as a model.
  • Michael De Santa: Michael is a former criminal who with the FBI’s help has changed his identity from Michael Townley to De Santa under the witness protection program. Actor Ned Luke was used as a model.
  • Franklin Clinton: He is a young African-American gang member who is working as a repo man and he befriends Michael. This character is based on performer Shawn Fonteno.

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