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Best Grounded Mods That You Need To Try (April 2023)

What are the best Grounded mods that enhance the gaming experience?

Grounded is a survival video game where players need to explore and build together to progress in this first-person, multiplayer game. While the game is quite fun on its own, you can also apply mods to enhance your Grounded experience. These mods can provide a number of interesting features from bigger storage to more Active Mutations. Let us take a look at the best Grounded mods below.

Best Grounded Mods


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You can install mods to enhance your Grounded experience and have better control of the game. While there are a number of mods to choose from, we have chosen the ones you absolutely should try out to enjoy the game even more.

More Active Mutations

More Active Mutations mod allows you to increase your mutation slots from two to five using milk molars. However, if you want to expand the mutation slots even further, you can use this mod to increase them to 8. Another feature even allows you to drive this number up to 35.  With the second option, you can just spam on the game mutations.

Bigger Storage

This is a useful mod as it increases the size of all storage containers. You will have more space in your Baskets, Fridges, and any other storage unit after using this mod. It is quite useful as you can stock up on resources after using it.

Compass Mod

This mod does not need a lot of explanation but it is quite a useful one to have. The Compass mode will add a compass to the HUD that you can use to navigate around the game. With this mod, you can simply enjoy the game without needing to remember the large landmarks that mark the world around you.


You can cover a lot of distance in a short amount of time using ziplines. However, if you want to cut this time even shorter, you can do so by using the ZipUp mod in Grounded. The time taken to go back up a zipline is greatly reduced as well making travel quite efficient.

More BURG.L Quest Rewards

The BURG.L Quest gives out some good rewards. However, if you wish to optimize these rewards in Grounded by using mods, we have got just the right one here. You can choose to x2, x4, x6, or x10 your rewards with the help of this mod.

No Intro

If you are annoyed by having to sit through the Intro for the game each time it loads up, you can choose to skip it using this mod. It will remove the intro screens of Obsidian Entertainment, Xbox Game Studios, and Unreal Engine.

These are some of the best mods available in Grounded. For more gaming guides, check out the Best Sonic Games To Play.