Google Snake Game: How To Get Mods?

Google has got in on the Snake train complete with mods for its players.

Snake is a game that has a nostalgic association for most of us. Everyone has spent hours glued to their devices trying to make that Snake eat for as long as possible. It is a simple game that has helped a lot of players kill a lot of time. Now, Google has got in on the Snake train complete with mods for its players.

Players looking to reminisce about the good old days with the Google Snake game can now do so with mods. Let us first find out how many modes Google Snake has to offer.

All Google Snake Modes List

Here are modes that you can select in the Google Snake game:

  • Classic Snake Mode: The classic Snake mode where the Snake gorges itself on snacks till it has either consumed the maximum amount of food or struck itself.
  • Snake Twin Mode: Every time the Snake consumes an apple, its head, and tail switch positions.
  • Winged Mode: The apple flies around the box and can even hit the Snake’s body if players are not careful. This Google Snake mode requires a lot of focus to sustain.
  • Snake Yin Yang Mode: There are two Snakes on the board for this mod. Players control one Snake while the other serves as a mirror image. It will do the exact opposite of what the playable Snake is doing. The game is over if players run into the non-playable Snake.
  • Snake Key Mode: The player has to eat a gold shape to make food appear in this mode.
  • Cheese Mode: Cheese mode is a mode in which every other segment of the snake is nonexistent, allowing you to move through them.
  • Wall Mode: Walls spawn randomly on the board, blocking off spaces.
  • Portal Mode: There are 2 apples are on the board and once the snake eats one of them, its head will come out of the other apple. The game will end when apples can’t spawn anymore.
  • Peaceful Mode: Players can not die in this mode and the game ends when they have collected 252 fruits.
  • Poison Fruit Mode: There are 2 fruits on the board. A good one and a poisoned inverted one. Snakes die by eating the poisoned apple.
  • Sokoban Mode: In this mode, the game hides crates with apples inside them that can only be opened on certain areas.
  • Endless Map: This is a mode where the only way to die is by running into the Snake or the game can go on forever.

How To Mod Google Snake Game?

  • Go to this link for Github:

Google Snake Mods

  • Right-click “colorful_scheme.html” and select “save link as…”. Save as Colorful Scheme.

Google Snake Mods 1

  • Go to Bookmarks by clicking the three dots on the top right. Now select “Bookmark Manager”.

Google Snake Mods 2

  • Select “Import Bookmarks” by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner.

Google Snake Mods 3

  • Click the colorful scheme bookmark saved earlier.

Google Snake Mods 4

  • Click Open.
  • Go back to Google Snake to enable the mode.
  • Click Bookmarks from the three dots in the top right corner.
  • It should give you an option of Imported.
  • Selected the bookmark from earlier.
  • You should now have the unlocked items in Google Snakes. Enjoy!

This is how to mod Google Snakes and enjoy the blast from the past. For more Google-related tips, tricks, and fixes, check out our Google Error guides, Google Play guides, and, our Google Meet Guides.