Last Shelter Survival: How To Get Wrenches

Here is how to obtain Wrenches in Last Shelter Survival.

Last Shelter Survival is a Zombie apocalyptic world where humans need to be on their toes all the time as danger can lure them from anywhere. Especially when your structure or Armored Personnel Carrier is unable to hold hordes. Due to reasons like they require repair. And Wrenches are used to instantly repair APCs. Therefore players need to know all the methods and ways they can use to obtain Wrenches in Last Shelter Survival.

Where to Get Wrenches in Last Shelter Survival

Get Wrenches In LSS

As of now, there is no free way of obtaining wrenches in the game. Players need to spend real money and buy it from the packages. Therefore it is recommended to wait for automatic restore, as you get some durability points every hour. Let’s now learn how to purchase them from the in-game store and where it is found there.

  • Launch your game and go to the main screen.
  • Tap on the Diamonds from the top right corner of your screen. It will take you to the Gift Store. And for now, the Gift Store is further divided into three tabs.
  • The first tab is Hot Package, it refreshes every 24 hours, so keep an eye on it.
  • The second tab is for Diamonds and is called Earn Diamonds. And it is recommended to purchase its pack when a one-time offer applies to it. As it will give you more resources at comparatively less expense.
  • Now our final tab is called a Store where players can buy war, Buff, Resources, and other items like Rename, Stationing Plan, & so on.
  • The third store uses Diamonds and has a very low chance of wrenches as it deals with Diamonds. But since many veteran and regular players are demanding Wrenches to be sold in this section, it might appear here in the future.
  • For now the best place to buy Wrenches is Hot Package, but even that is rarely selling it. So make sure to grab it as soon as the chance arises.

Here you learned how to get Wrenches in Last Shelter Survival. If you are searching for more LSS articles, read how to create a farm account from GamesAdda.