How To Get Wood In My Time At Sandrock

Looking for wood in My Time At Sandrock? Here is your guide to get it easily.

While playing My Time at Sandrock, you will realise that wood is a fundamental material for your progress. There are certain ways to collect wood from the surroundings in the game. In this article you will find out how to get wood in My Time at Sandrock.

Where to Find Wood in My Time At Sandrock?

wood my time sandrock

It is normal for you to think how difficult would it be to find some wood in the game. Well, it is and it is not at the same time. Sure there are trees in the game but you can’t cut those. Cutting trees is frowned upon in Sandrock city. So, where will you find wood?

There are three ways to get wood in this game:

  • Recycle wood from junk piles.
  • Chop dead trees in the desert.
  • Buy wood at the Water World shop.

While you roam in the desert, you will find several wooden junk piles. That is the best way to get wood in the game. You will have to recycle the wooden junk pile and you can get wood easily.

Coming to the second source to get wood, it is dead trees. You can find some dead trees in the desert that you can chop down. Don’t worry, chopping down dead trees is not penalized, unlike trees. However you have to upgrade your axe before you go on a chopping spree of dead trees. Once you’ve upgraded your axe, you can get wood from dead trees.

Lastly, you can always buy wood at the Water World. Water World is a shop in the city of Sandrock which sells Water, Wood, Straw, and other farming supplies.

These are the ways you can get wood in My Time At Sandrock. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. Now that you’re here, you can further check out how to increase inventory space in this game.