How To Get And Use Modification Bench In Palia

Want to customize decors? Change the color and design of your furniture with a Modification Bench in Palia.

Furniture making is one of the many skills you can master in the Palia. Though you cannot sell them, they do help you in activities. Crafters like Ovens, Worm Farms, Fabric Looms, Smelters, and many others are helpful in skill leveling and fulfilling the tasks of the villagers. However, that’s not the whole purpose of the Worktable. As you participate in events and explore the map, you will find many beautiful decor recipes. Making them will increase your level and let you style your home plot as you want.

Still, the biggest issue while decorating is the design and color of the item. Ravenwood and Winterlights are pole-apart. You don’t want to throw them, but the combination just doesn’t fit. Thankfully, there is a way to customize them. All you need to do is get and use the Modification Bench in Palia. Not sure how to do that? Scroll down and find all you are looking for.

How to Unlock and Purchase Modification Bench in Palia

Purchase Modification Bench in Palia
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Modification Bench unlocks at the Furniture level 4. If you are at that level, find Tish and interact with her using the G key (open guild store). Select the Recipes section and look for the Modification Bench. It will cost you 500 Gold Coins to purchase it. Next, collect these items to craft it:

  • 20 Sapwood Plank: Put Sapwoods in the Basic Sawmill to get planks.
  • 4 Copper Bar: Mine Copper Ores and place them in the Basic Smelter to get bars.
  • 8 Ceramic: Mine Clay Rocks and place them in the Basic Smelter to get Ceramic.
  • 10 Leather: Hunt Sernuk to collect Sernuk Hide and then put it in the Fabric Loom to get Leather.

Where to Find Furniture Modification Kits

Find Furniture Modification Kits in Palia
Purchase crafting materials from this store (Screenshot by Games Adda)

After placing the bench, you need to collect Furniture Modification Kits. One kit costs 100 Gold and is purchased from the Furniture Store. Don’t interact with Tish, but use the cash register of the stop to find the materials. Depending on the furniture rarity and type, you will need different amounts of kits.

How to Use Modification Bench

How to Use Modification Bench in Palia
Customize furniture with Modification Bench in Palia (Screenshot by Games Adda)

Now that you have crafted and collected the kits, interact with the bench and select the furniture you wish to customize. Just make sure that the item you want to modify is in the General Storage or your Inventory. It only lets you select the furniture from these places. Check all the designs and press Apply Modification to make the changes.

That’s all for this guide. If you are looking for more topics from the Palia, check out our dedicated section.