Snowcicle In Hello Kitty Island Adventure: How To Get

If you're having trouble finding the Snowcicle in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, then here's how you can find it.

Snowcicle is one of the new plants introduced in the LittleTwinStars update of Hello Kitty Island Adventure. This item can be used in some recipes to make tasty dishes. Other than that, players can even give it to the new NPCs to obtain some Stardust in exchange. But as a downside, the game doesn’t describe much about the spawn spot of this new plant. But don’t worry, for your reference below we have mentioned the location to find Snowcicle easily.

Where to Find Snowcicle in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Where to Find Snowcicle in Hello Kitty Island Adventure Location
Source Image: ClanGuard2.0

To find Snowcicle in Hello Kitty Island Adventure you’ll have to go to Icy Peak region. There you’ll have to search for a plant covering a snowball with blue leaves. Those who haven’t been to this region will first have to unlock it by leveling up Kuromi, My Melody & Hello Kitty to level 11. Once done, you’ll get A Challenging Rescue quest to enter the Icy Peak for the first time. After you’re done with all the quests, simply walk up to a Snowcicle and grab it to add it to your inventory.

As mentioned earlier, players can use Snowcicle to make dishes like Vanilla Shake & Starry Skies Shake. Vanilla Shake can be made by using Snowcicle & Cactus Cream. Similarly, to make the Starry Skies Shake, you’ll need Snowcicle, Cactus Cream, and Starfruit. Apart from that, Snowcicle can also be given to the new NPCs, Kiki and Kala to get Stardust easily. That Stardust can be used to unlock the new Dreamy Set Clothing & furniture for the Cloud Island. So make sure you stack up this new plant item as soon as you can and be ready if new recipes arrive in the game.

That is all about how you can find & use Snowcicle in Hello Kitty Island Adventure easily. If you’d like to make more drinks then check out the list of all Drink Recipes. Also, take a look at what Gifts every character likes in the game.