Can You Get A Girlfriend In GTA Liberty City Stories?

Wondering how you can get yourself a girlfriend in the virtual world of GTA Liberty City Stories, here is what you need.

GTA Liberty City Stories is a ninth installment of the GTA series, originally launched on PlayStation, this game is now available on Android and iOS too. This open-world game lets you do many things that are not related to the mission. Such as flying a helicopter or getting a girl. So, can you get a girlfriend in GTA Liberty City Stories? Find out here.

How to Get a Girlfriend in GTA Liberty City Stories?

Can You And How To Get Girlfriend In GTA Liberty City

In this version of the game, you cannot exactly get a girlfriend, but get a girl, and for that, you are going to need a car. Below you see how you can get a car and then a girl with the help of a car.

  • There are several ways through which you can get a car in the game.
  • The first method is to steal it from a garage, you can find them all over the city.
  • When you approach the garage door, it will automatically open. Then you can go inside and take the car.
  • The second method is to steal it from the road, you can approach a car, then throw the driver outside of his car, and take over his car.
  • If the driver resists, you can beat him and get hold of the car.
  • You can also get the car by completing a car dealer-side mission.
  • The mission can be acquired from the car dealership shop in the Portland area.
  • Once you have got hold of the car, drive it around the city and look for the girls that are wearing high boots.
  • Drive and stop your car in front of them and press the horn of the car.
  • She will say “Do you wanna have a good time, honey“.
  • Now wait for a few seconds, then she will open the car door and sit beside you.
  • You can take her for a drive or throw her outside of the car when you are bored.
  • She’ll only accompany you and not become your girlfriend.

In some other versions of this game such as San Andreas, you can not only get a girlfriend but take her on a date too, where you can drive, dance in a club, and go to a restaurant with her.

In this guide, you learned if you can get a girlfriend in the GTA Liberty City Stories, if yes, then how. Want to read more GTA guides, check out, how to Get a Helicopter in Vice City.