How To Get EXP Fast In Alice Fiction

Here are the fastest ways to get EXP in Alice Fiction.

Alice Fiction has woven a storyline that keeps you engaged throughout the gameplay. You after a mysterious error in the Metaverse of Alice forget your memory and embark on a journey to discover the truth. But to complete this journey, you are going to need as many resources and power as you can collect. So here is how to farm or get EXP Fast in Alice Fiction.

Alice Fiction: How to Farm EXP Fast

Farm EXP Alice Fiction

  • Daily Missions: There are three types of missions: Normal Missions, Daily Missions, and Newbie Missions. Daily Missions can be running a Memory Search, clearing a particular number of main quests, clearing Underground, and so on. You get rewards like Energy, Player EXP, Credit, Memory Search Key, Battle Record, and more by completing these daily tasks.
  • Complete Quests: It is the most obvious way but the most effective method too. When you first start the game, you get quests like Resource Quest, World Memories, Hard Quests, Join a Team, The Underground, and The Battle Arena. These quests are the best source for earning a variety of resources and items including EXP.
  • Resource Quests: You can attempt a Resource quest daily three times without using energy. And resource quests can give valuable resources and EXP.
  • Battle EXP Record: You can use Credits to purchase Battle Records from the passes section. You can also earn them from EXP Quests.
  • Skip: This should be your last resort. when you clear a quest with three stars, you become eligible to skip future quests. But a number of attempts deplete with skips.
  • Buy: If you are ready to spend real money to advance in the game. Then you should think of purchasing game packs. There is value and pass packs in the game which you can use to gain EXP.

These are all the best methods to acquire EXP fast in Alice Fiction. Looking for more similar guides. Check out the Alice Fiction Ascension guide and characters PvP & PvE tier list.