Last Shelter Survival: How To Get Baneblade

Want to get Baneblade in Last Shelter Survival? Here's how to do that.

There are various vehicular sets that you can add to your APC to make your troops stronger. One of these sets is the Baneblade set. It is one of the strongest APC parts and hence it is a tad difficult to obtain it. However, you don’t need to worry as, in this guide, we have explained how to get Baneblade set in Last Shelter Survival.

In order to build the complete set, you have to get the parts first and then combine them to make the set. Below, we have mentioned the list of parts you will need to craft to obtain Baneblade. Check out this guide and learn all there is to know about the APC part.

How to Craft Baneblade Set in Last Shelter Survival

Get Baneblade in Last Shelter Survival
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Here, we have explained how you can get Baneblade set in Last Shelter Survival. As mentioned earlier, you have to craft each part of the set separately. Remember that you must be on base level 25 to make the Baneblade set. Below, we have mentioned the list of parts for your reference.

  • Armor
  • Central Control
  • Engine
  • Suspension Frame
  • Tire
  • Weapon

In order to craft these parts, you need to gather the required materials for every part. To craft each part, you need to have Super Energy Core abundantly. It is indeed quite expensive to build the Baneblade set but in the long run, it is very helpful. Make sure to get all the gold parts to complete the Baneblade set. Once you have managed to get all the gold parts, you simple have to equip all the parts and forge the Baneblade set.

Other Features of the Baneblade Set

Now you know that Baneblade is quite expensive and one of the most sought-after APC parts in the game. But have you wondered why is that? Baneblade has a certain set of skills that is applicable to all the troops in the APC unlike other vehicular sets. These skills are mentioned below,

  • Unyielding – Heals Fighter units in each turn
  • Storm – Increases attack for all units
  • Crush – Enhances attack for vehicular units

This is all you need to know about how to get Baneblade in Last Shelter Survival. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free to browse through other similar articles such as How to Get Courage Medals in LSS? and How to Get Hero Tokens?