How To Identify Genuine NFT Games

NFT games are a great way to earn while playing.

NFT games have been gaining renown steadily within the gaming community. These games have given players some great play-to-earn options. Players can sell their in-game NFT or earn tokens that can help them earn an income while playing. However, while these games present a good opportunity, players need to beware of the NFT scams and learn to spot genuine NFT games.

There are a few points that players should be on the lookout for when trying to find out if an NFT game is genuine or not. Let us take a look at them below.

How To Spot Genuine NFT Games?


There are multiple ways to spot a scam NFT game. Players can tell genuine NFT games from fraudulent ones by checking each point in this list.

The Team

The first point to look for is the developers and the team behind the project. Players should verify if the team has worked on other NFT projects previously. In addition, players can also look for the developer’s accounts. If the accounts are relatively new or unverified, it could be a red flag. However, it is not a sure fire way of knowing that the project is a scam. A new team could also be working on genuine NFT games so players should check the other points on the list as well.


Before opting for an NFT game, players should check out the reviews about the game on the platform they download it from. Often, if players have been scammed in a game before, there will reviews indicating this. However, developers can often promote false positive reviews to drum up their hype so reviews might not always paint an honest picture.

Social Media

Players can engage with the project’s developers over social media platforms like Twitter and Discord. If there is too little engagement on social media or if there are no comments and followers, it might be an indication that the project is a scam. While new developers and team could have fewer amount of followers or interactions, a dead social media is not a good indicator.

Verify The NFT

Players can also verify an NFT through a blockchain explorer. This will provide players with information like block mining activity, transaction fees, ownership history, number of uses, and the total number of tokens issued. It will also help players separate the fake NFTs from the real ones.

That is all there is to know about how to spot genuine games. For more NFT content, check out How To Buy NFT In India (Explained)