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Genshin Impact: How To Unlock Slumbering Court Domain?

Here is a complete guide explaining how to unlock the Slumbering Court Domain In Genshin Impacts new update.

Genshin Impact’s new update 2.3 has been out and it has come up with a whole new lot of domains & artifacts. Slumbering Court is a new domain introduced that has to be unlocked to get artifacts in the game. This is a very easy task that can be completed within a few minutes. So, without any further ado let us get started with the how to unlock Slumbering court domain guide.

How To Unlock Slumbering Court In Genshin Impact 2.3?

Unlock Slumbering Court

As we mentioned earlier unlocking the Slumbering court domain isn’t a tough task. Follow the steps given below to unlock the Slumbering Court domain and get maximum artifacts in reward.

  • Slumerieng court is located on Seirai Island. Head to the map in Genshin Impact and start your journey on Seirai Island.
  • Next, land on the nearest waypoint and look for a mountain that has a small opening to go underground.
  • Slumbering Court is located in the underground cave. Find a hollow gap from where the white forest is visible near your waypoint and Slide down towards it.
  • Once you get down, explore and look for a huge Slumbering Court door and go near it. Press the ‘F’ key to unlock the Slumbering Court door successfully.

Artifacts In Slumbering Court Domain:

Unlock Slumbering Court

There are many Artifacts that players will receive with some mora once they unlock the domain. The two of the most important artifacts are Husk of Opulent Dreams Set and Ocean-Hued Clam Set that can be very useful in the game going forward. You can use these for your different characters and build the best build out of it.

Here we come to the end of the Slumbering Court domain guide. Check out another article on Hu Tao in Genshin Impact to know about his age, character attacks, and skills.