Genshin Impact: Who Is Nathan & Where To Find Him?

Here is everything you need to know about Nathan in Genshin Impact.

There are many characters in Genhin Impact. Various characters and their chemistry in the game make the game so interesting for all players. There is an entry of a new NPC character named Nathan or you can call him Sangnomiya Samurai.

Nathan is playing a negative role in the game by creating conflicts in Genshin Impact. If you want to know everything about the newly added NPC, Nathan, then keep reading this post.

Who is Nathan In Genshin Impact?

Nathan in Genshin Impact

Nathan or Sangnomiya Samurai is a Non-Playable Character (NPC) in Genshin Impact. He claims to be from Mondstadt but he is an agent of Fatui who joined the Sangonomiya Resistance to increase the dispute between the people of Inazuma.

Nathan’s Location

If you are looking for Nathan in Genshin Impact then you can find him near Fort Fujitou in Inazuma. He was an agent or spy of Fatui who was sent to the Sangonomiya Resistance to spread conflict and create a war between them and the Shogunate.

Nathan’s Origin

Nathan is involved with Orobashi fanatics as he comes from the city of freedom and he does not agree with Shogunate’s (an entity that rules Inazuma) controlling regime. He also researched the Raiden Shogun on Yashiori Island and planned to separate them with the help of Orobashi fanatics. This plan was neither approved nor rejected by the leader of Sangonomiya Kokomi.

Later when Fatui’s Involvement in this plan was revealed to all the people  Nathan slowly disappeared with the help of Fatui without getting caught.

This is everything you need to know about Nathan in Genshin Impact. There are several characters in the Genshin Impact. We cover all the characters as well as all the different quests and missions in the game. To get all the information about Genshin impact checks this link out!