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Genshin Impact: Noelle Hangout Event Act 2 – How to Get All Endings

Here is a guide for you t get all 6 endings in Noelle's Knightly Exam Prep Answers!

Noelle is a playable character in Genshin Impact who is on her way to join the Knights of Favonius. On her journey towards Knights of Favonius, she has to complete a Hangout quest. This hangout quest has two acts to complete —Chivalric Traning and Knightly Exam Prep Answers.

Act II in Noelle’s hangout event has a total of six endings that depends on what options player choose on their way. Complete Act I: Chivalric Training using 2 story keys that you can earn by completing 8 daily commissions. Once earned, enter the key into the Act II: Knightly Exam Prep Answers.

How To Get Knightly Exam Prep Answers All Endings?

The endings in Noelle’s Hangout Act II purely depend on what options you choose in the game. Choosing the correct option will lead Noelle towards one of the endings in Genshin Impact. On the other hand, if you click on the wrong answer you will end up losing hearts. Make sure not to drop all the hearts as it will eventually end the event.

Read further to not miss out on any heart and get all six endings in Noelle’s Hangout event. Click on the dialogue given in below to get every ending in the Knightly Exam Prep Answers.

1) Rest Amidst The Rocks

Rest Amidst The Rock is the first ending in the Knightly Exam Prep act. It starts in a library where you have to talk to Noelle and give advice about ‘Change of scenery might do you good”  and take her out to eat. Start your journey in Liyue and reach Wanmin Restaurant to treat Noelle to a nice meal.

After having a meal, head towards the harbor. Once you reach the harbor, talk to the Millelith and learn some battling tricks by stopping the treasure hoarders who are trying to escape. Enjoy a tea or a meal while talking to Millelith to get the Rest Amidst The Rock end.

2) The Maid-Knight’s Tale

Once Noelle completes her journey till Liyue and asks you where to go next. Instead of going to a restaurant and completing Crook-catching Commission choose ‘Emergency Story-Sourcing’ and tell her to go for Third Round Knockout.

On your way speak to Iron Tongue Tian and head towards the Hilichurl camp to give a chaos device. Head back to the Liyue village and recall the tale to get “The Maid-Knight’s tale “ending in Knightly Exam Prep Answers hangout quest.

3) Perfect Score

It starts from the ‘Emergency exam prep‘ in the library. Instead of suggesting Noelle to go out for a change of scenery suggest her to face her fear. Tell her to give more exams to get rid of her fear of exams. Now head towards the Adventure’s guild and take the exam. Give correct answers to complete the “Perfect Score” ending.

Here are all Adventurer’s Guild exam answers:

  • Windwheel Aster
  • Roald
  • Mare Jivari
  • Steak

4) Points Deducted

Follow the same dialogue that you did to get the ‘Perfect Score’ ending. But this time instead of giving all correct answers in the test, make one or two mistakes and fail the exam to get ‘Points Deducted’ ending in Knightly Exam Prep Answers.

5) The One and Only Noelle

Now that Noell’s fear of exams is over make her realize that she is at her best. Storm bearer Mountains and collect Valberries and Slime Condensate for Noelle to make Baron Bunnies. Place it by the Hilichurl camp to defeat the incoming Hilichurls. Suggest her to become an acting grand-master and complete The One and Only Noelle ending.

6) Work Made for a Maid

Follow the same steps that you followed for the one and only Noelle ending. But here instead of asking Noelle to become an acting master suggest her to become a Cavalry Captain. Serve as a cavalry captain to get the Work Made for a Maid ending.

This is everything you need to know about how to get all six endings in the Knightly Exam Prep Answers hangout quest. Check out another article to know about the best husband characters in Genshin Impact.