Genshin Impact: All Dendro Characters In The Game

Here is a list of the few Dendro characters that can be found in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is an action-packed RP game that came out last year and captured a lot of interest. At the time of its release, game developer miHoYo stated that there would be 7 elements in the game. While they have mostly lived up to their word, there are still no playable Dendro characters in Genshin Impact. Dendro is the power over plants and vegetables. It is one of the seven elements in the game. However, we do have a few characters that display Dendro powers in Genshin Impact. Let us take a look at these characters below:

All Dendro Characters In Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact Dendro Character_Baizhu

Baizhu was first introduced in Archon Quests Chapter 1, Act 2. He owns the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue. As a nod to his Dendro inclinations, the character has been given a pet snake named Changsheng. Baizhu is famous for his unorthodox but efficient treatments. While he does not display any specific powers, his eyes have vertical pupils which suggest an affiliation with snakes and poison. Further underlining the Dendro connection is the fact that Baizhu is named after the bai zhu plant which is used in making traditional Chinese medicine.

Baizhu is named after the bai zhu plant, which is an herb used to make traditional Chinese medicine.


Genshin Impact Dendro Character

Yaoyao has yet to make an appearance in Genshin Impact but could very well be one of the few Dendro characters in the game. She is mentioned as Xiangling’s junior disciple but is now an assistant for Ganyu.

Enemies With Dendro Powers

The only clear manifestation of Dendro Powers in Genshin Impact has been displayed by enemies in the game. Dendro Samachurls display an effective Dendro attack that can summon a barrier of thorns. This causes characters to debuff with a Dendro effect that ignites when in contact with Pyro. In addition, Mittachurls and Hillichurls also use Dendro in the large wooden shields they use.

These are the few characters in Genshin Impact that might have Dendro powers. As we mentioned before, there is no playable Dendro character in the game. However, it is very much possible that Genshin Impact will get a new Dendro character by late 2021 or early 2022. Have more questions about Genshin Impact? Check out our comprehensive Genshin Impact Guides for more.