Top 5 Games Like Dungeon Keeper (January 2022)

Here are some of the top games similar to Dungeon Keeper that you should play.

Dungeon Keeper certainly lives up to its catchphrase “Evil Is Good” by offering terrific gameplay that combines real-time strategy, god game, control, sinister themes, and sarcastic wit.

It’s no surprise that once you’ve explored every inch of it, you’re left craving more. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place since I’ve created a list of games like Dungeon Keeper to help you find comparable or even superior play.


Top 5 Dungeon Keeper Similar Games – 2022

Here’s the listicle for Dungeon Keeper alternatives that I am sure you will have a good time exploring. This collection is primarily comprised of strategy games with leadership elements just like the DK series.


1. Driftland – The Magic RevivalGAMES-LIKE-DUNGEON-KEEPER.jpg

Genre: Strategy, God-Game, Real-Time, Fantasy, Management

Desc: Driftland: The Magic Revival is featured in a lovely fantasy world of isolated islands kept together by a strong spell. It is your duty as a powerful magician to develop and expand your supernatural kingdom in this real-time 4x strategic god-game and connect the scattered islands.


2. War For The OverworldGAMES-LIKE-DUNGEON-KEEPER.jpg

Genre: God-Game, Real-Time, Strategy, Management, Dungeon

Desc: War for the Overworld is a Dungeon Management Game that incorporates elements from the RTS and God Game types. Dominate the Overworld by sculpting out your own Dungeon. If you’re sick of raiding other people’s dungeons, this is the game for you.


3. Monolithic DUNGEON-KEEPER

Genre: God-Game, Fantasy, Strategy, Single-Player, Real-Time

Desc: Monolithic features two opposing divine mythologies. Promote religious beliefs, conquer new lands, use divine powers to defeat the enemy, and take your empire until the afterlife. Monolithic more or like one of the best games similar to Dungeon Keeper.

4. Gods & IdolsDUNGEON-KEEPER.jpg

Genre: God-Game, Empire, Strategy, Multiplayer, Real-Time

Desc: In Gods and Idols, you play as a freshly awakened divinity. Make your presence known among the stars in an expansive, diverse, and vast MMORTS cosmos. Govern the universe’s energies, make alliances, and utilize your devotees as tools to achieve your aims.

5. Reprisal UniverseDUNGEON-KEEPER.jpg

Genre: God-Game, Real-Time, Strategy, Management, Empire

Desc: You have complete control over everything that happens in the game. To extend communities manipulate terrains by lifting or leveling them and unlock the potential of water and fire. Discover the secret wonders of the Universe and unite your folks.

These are the five excellent games like Dungeon Keeper that quench your god game desires while also providing some comedy, fun, and fantasy twists. If you loved the games that we have listed here, keep visiting this page because we will add more Dungeon Keeper similar games in the times to come.


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