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Fortnite: Where to Use A Sensor Backpack & Energy Fluctuation

Here is your guide on using the sensor backpack in Fortnite.

Week 8 is here and a whole new set of missions have been set for the Resistance Quests. Once completed, you will come across the Loot Lake quest. This has been one of the trickier challenges in the game that many loopers have struggled to get right. So how do you complete this quest and get the location of the Energy Fluctuation around Loot Lake in Fortnite? Here is your Fortnite guide on when, where and how to use the Sensor Backpack in the Loot Lake challenge.

Fortnite Sensor Backpack Location and Use in Loot Lake (Week 8 Resistance Quests)

Fortnite: Where to Use the Sensor Backpack

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There are two locations where you will find the Sensor Backpack in Fortnite:

  • One is on a small hill, West of the bridge that is close to the section of the road that leads to the Tilted Towers
  • And the other is on the North of the crater that is West of the Tilted Towers

This is one of the first tasks of the week and only when you find the backpack, can you proceed to the next quest. Once you collect the Sensor Backpack, the Origin will ask that you move to Loot Lake in Fortnite.

Just as the name suggests, the sensor backpack can sense the Energy Fluctuations around the Loot Lake in Fortnite. The closer you get to the Energy Fluctuation near the lake, the more the backpack will beep. However, while the backpack may beep frantically, you really can’t find the Energy Fluctuation easily on your map.

To find it on your own, you can either play hot or cold with the Fortnite Sensor Backpack around Loot Lake or follow these directions:

  • Head West of the Tilted Tower that is along the edge of Loot Lake
  • Between two rocks, you will find a mash of orange energy
  • You will need to interact with this energy to complete the challenge

That’s all there is to it! You can easily complete the challenge now. Follow these directions to the Energy Fluctuations with the Sensor Backpack, no problem!

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