Best Fortnite Horror Map Codes List (January 2023)

October is near, this calls for spooky maps in Fortnite! Here are some of the all-time favorite Horror Map Codes in Fortnite.

Fortnite horror map codes are something that Fornite players use to either solve puzzles or escape scary places in the games. Notably, Fortnite scary maps can be enjoyed by people who love to play horror video games that keep you on the edge of your seats for hours.

If you are here looking for some of the best Fornite horror map codes then you are at the right place. To make your work a bit easier, we have compiled a list of Fornite horror maps that can be enjoyed with your friends and family members.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Top 7 Best Fortnite Horror Map Codes – January 2023

1. Haunted Mansion: 1621-6784-4798

If you are a Phasmophobia player, this map will seem very similar to you. In this map, you’re part of a paranormal investigation team that goes into a Haunted Mansion trying to gather proof of a spirit in the house. There are a lot of ghosts and monsters in this house. You’ll be able to play this map only in FPP which makes it even scarier to play! Fortnite Horror Map Codes

2. Prison Escape: 1470-9230-4070

This is one of the most interesting maps on the list as this can be played alone or played with your friends. In this map, you wake up in a haunted prison which is filled with prisoner ghosts. You need to escape the prison while tons of different spirits try to haunt you. This map is filled with crazy sound effects that will make you lose sleep. Fortnite Horror Map Codes

3. Escape Room: 9833-8062-2391

The name itself describes the map. You’re stuck in a horror dream that you have to escape, but it’s not easy. You have to solve puzzles and find clues so you can escape the house and also fight the dark creepy monsters that are lurking around in every corner of the map. It is a single-player map so you have to play it alone, unfortunately. Fortnite Horror Map Codes

4. World War II: 4552-4413-4737

This map is single-player so you have to play it alone however it is full of adventures. You’re being haunted by a monster on this map so your goal is to complete mini-missions on this map as British Soldier and defeat the evil Monster. You’re in for a lot of jumpscares if you do decide to play this map. Fortnite Horror Map Codes

5. Infection Survival: 1942-8496-6549

You can play this multiplayer map with your friends. Survive an infection while being stuck in a laboratory that is about to collapse. Your goal is to either escape or turn into one of the infected and kill everyone. You can play this map with up to 16 players. The map is filled with secret tunnels and creatures. Fortnite Horror Map Codes

6. Murder in the Dark: 1200-1959-3529

This is a hide and seeks game where you can bring up to 16 players. 2 of those players turn into murderers and the rest have to escape from them. You have to activate the beams by running throughout the map without being caught by the killer. This map also reminds us a lot of the famous horror game Dead by Daylight. Fortnite Horror Map Codes

7. Horror Death Run: 1862-5211-2879

This game can be played with up to 4 people and is divided into 5 different levels. It starts with you being trapped in a prison by an evil scientist with your friends. The first round consists of you having to solve a puzzle to find the code to open the door to your prison. The story progresses to parkour where you have to escape scary monsters and eventually turn into a dead run. Fortnite Horror Map Codes

These were our top 7 favorite Fortnite Horror Map Codes. Check out these amazing Fortnite Names List.