FNAF Security Breach: How To Unlock Balloon Boy?

Here is a quick guide to unlock Balloon Boy In FNAF!

Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF): Security Breach is a popular horror survival game from FNAF Series. The game is based on a boy called Gregory who is locked inside a shopping mall that is full of dangerous animatronics and has to make his way out of it by completing challenges on his way.

Balloon Boy is also one of the animatronic characters from the FNAf series that has to be unlocked in the game by completing one small minigame called ‘Secret Balloon Boy Minigame’. Read this article till the end to know everything about the Balloon Boy and the secret mini-game in FNAF: Securtuiy Breach.

Steps To Unlock Balloon Boy Minigame In FNAF: Security Breach?

FNAF Security Breach Balloon Boy

  • As we mentioned earlier, Gregory is a main character in the game who has to make his way through the dangerous shopping mall by fighting against all the animatronics. Now in order to unlock the secret minigame and complete the game, Gregory first has to find and reach the Theatre in the mall. The theatre is located on the second floor next to the Daycare Centre.
  • Once you get there, to unlock the minigame Gregory has to collect pictures of four cutouts of a poster for Captain Foxy’s Pirate Adventure. These cutouts are located on the top floor of the movie theatre in four different locations.
  • Here are all the four locations where you can get the cutouts to unlock the Secret Balloon Boy mini-game.
Cutouts  Locations 
Chica mermaid cutout Kid’s Cove
Bonnie pirate cutout DJ Music Man’s chase hallway.
Foxy pirate cutout The back wall of the Daycare Theatre’s storage room.
Freddy pirate cutout Next to the room’s savepoint
  • Go to these locations and get all the four pictures to unlock the door in the poster and the mini-game.
  •  This door will lead you to the Daycare Attendant’s home above the Daycare center and the mini-game will end.
  • Collect the rewards the mini-game has to offer and use them in the game to level up[ faster and complete FNAF: Security Breach!

This is everything you need to know about how to unlock the Balloon Boy In FNAF: Security Breach. While you are here click on the link and have a look around for more informative guides on FNAF: Security Breach.