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Are FiveM Servers Down? How To Check Server Status And Fix The Issue?

Are Fivem Servers down? Let's see how to check FiveM server status and fix the issues with FiveM servers to get the best GTA V mods.

FiveM is one of the best places to find GTA V mods, with hundreds of well-built mods, FiveM has built a fanbase of its own. The range of mods available at FiveM allows players to play various versions of GTA V. Best thing about FiveM is that it’s online, and all you have to do is join a server to play the mod. In the past few hours, many players haven’t been able to get into multiple FiveM servers. Let’s see how to check the server status of FiveM servers and how to fix server issues.

How To Check Server Status Of FiveM Servers?

FiveM is very simple to use, the moment you start it after launching GTA V on your device, you are directed to the homepage with a list of servers. While choosing the server on the right, you can also see the number of players on the server and the Ping. Players should stay away from servers with high ping as they have the highest chance of crashing. Another parameter is the number of players, in case you see a server is very populated all the time, and the ping is also high, there is a big chance that the server will crash.

How To Fix Server Issues Of FiveM Servers?

FiveM has a mod support section as well where players can contact and complain about all the mods on the website. The mod support section is the first place players should go when they are unable to get into multiple servers on FiveM. Given that FiveM is run independently, there is a high chance that the support section will be very overwhelmed during a crash like this. The probability of getting through is difficult, but players should be assured that the issue will be fixed quickly. Till then, all you can do is try some other server or mod on the FiveM website, hopefully, they will be working.

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