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First Class Trouble Trophy Guide: How To Get All The Trophies?

Players can unlock 18 achievements in First Class Trouble. Here's a First Class Trouble Trophy Guide to help you get all the trophies.

First Class Trouble is a new Social deception game like Among Us but on a much larger scale. Just like all the social deception games First Class Trouble is also very addictive since the beginning.  First Class Trouble is more detailed and vast with several ways of killing, multiple levels, items and much more. Players can unlock some achievements or trophies by playing the game in a certain way. Here is the complete trophy guide to help you get all the trophies in First Class Trouble.

Complete Trophy Guide For First Class Trouble


How To Get The Trophy


Welcome Aboard Passenger Complete Your First Match Bronze
Free Sandwich When You Get Ten Win Five Matches Silver
You’re Just Being Dramatic Enjoy the beverage cart Silver
I’m doing my part Hand in all the three keycards in a single area Silver
Dancing With The Stars Dance with at least two players near the Jukebox Silver
I’ll take my chances in space Take the escape pod as the last resident alive Gold
Don’t trust thy neighbor As personoid, win by saving CAIN Gold
Welcome to the Jungle Play the Botanical Gardens Level 10 times Gold
Cain is not 1337 Play the Personoid Quarters level 10 times Silver
I promise I’m just changing the air filter Sabotage 3 Oxygen Generators in a single game Silver
Goodie Two-Shoes Get Everyone in a full lobby to trust you Gold
Public Enemy Get Everyone in a full match to distrust you Gold
IT Specialist Repair 50 computers in the personoid quarters level Gold
It’s a machine Use a scanner on a player, causing their death to occue within the next 20 seconds Silver
It’s time for your medicine Kill all the residents with an overdose syringe Gold
Well at least I tried Use a scanner on a Personoid and get killed within 20 seconds Silver
Phantom of the Opera Kill four players with one Chandelier Gold
All Trophies Get all trophies Platinum


These was the complete list of trophies and how to get them in First Class Trouble.

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