How To Play, Kill and Win In First Class Trouble (FCT)?

Here's a First Class Trouble Beginners guide explaining how to play, get keycards, vote, shut CAIN, kill, vote & win as Residents & Personoids

With the beta test being open for players for over six months, the official release of First Class Trouble got bombarded by players. The latest social deception game is finally available for all, and many new players will be jumping into First Class Trouble. Here is the complete First Class Trouble Beginners guide explaining how to play, kill and win in the game.

First Class Trouble Beginner Guide

How To Play First Class Trouble And All The Rules

First Class Trouble is just like any other Social deception game where out of the six players, 4 are residents, and 2 are personoids. The Residents are like the crewmates from Among Us, whereas the Personoids are like the imposters. The Residents have to clear three levels and disable the AI C.A.I.N, whereas the Personoids have to eliminate the Residents. There are 12 different ways of killing, so players can get a bit creative there.

Where To Find Keycards In First Class Trouble?

Players will need to collect three keycards in the first two levels to advance to the third level, where you will be able to shut down C.A.I.N. Keycards are scattered across the level, and the best to find them is by using a Keycard Triangulator. Players can find the triangulator in the inventory, so go for the Triangulator as soon as the game starts.

How To Kill Players In First Class Trouble?

The best way to kill is by grabbing the opponent and letting the other teammate perform kill them, this is also called the co-op kill. Players should note that 2 Personoids can’t complete a co-op kill as at least one Resident is needed for a co-op kill. While Personoids can’t use the co-op kill, they can use the syringes to kill Residents as the syringes are only available for the Personoids. Apart from these, players can kill each other by using the flamethrower to burn the opponent, throwing the chandelier on them, and using electricity and the airlock. With so many ways of killing, players need to be very careful at every step of the game.

Players can also use the Racket, beer bottle, and champagne bottles to defend themselves by knocking out the attacker. These items can’t kill the enemy, and players can find them in the Inventory section.

How To Shut Down C.A.I.N In First Class Trouble?

The Final level is pretty straightforward, players need to cross a bridge to shut down C.A.I.N, but there’s a catch. One player has to activate a terminal from the other side to enable other players to cross the bridge. Now it becomes a straightforward game of trust because if the player at the Terminal is a Personoid, he can switch it off, and it will be game over for all the Residents. Players need to be very sure about who will be at the Terminal as it will be the deciding factor in the game.

How To Vote In First Class Trouble?

After every round, when you put the keycards in the slots, you get into the elevator on your way to the next level. During this time, players can vote out other players if they want. This is your chance to kick out the player you thought depicted shady behavior only if you are able to convince other teammates. On the contrary, the Personoids can also trick other teammates into kicking out a Resident.  In the end, players will be asked if they think all the Personoids are eliminated if all select yes and they are correct, the game ends there, or else even if one selects no or is wrong, the game continues.

How To Win As A Resident In First Class Trouble?

The Residents need to stop the AI C.A.I.N from taking over to win the game. Residents can also win the game if they eliminate both the Personoids, but they should do that before the oxygen level depletes completely.

How To Win As A Personoid In First Class Trouble?

The sole aim of the Personoid is to eliminate all the four Residents, players can do that by sneaking up to them and killing them in various ways or sabotaging all the oxygen tanks. Only the Residents need the Oxygen tanks, so damaging them is an excellent way to win the game. Personoid can also trick all the players and cross the bridge at level 3 first to win the game.

This was the complete beginner’s guide to First Class Trouble.

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