First Class Trouble: Does It Support Crossplay?

First Class Trouble (FCT) is the latest social deception game. Let's see if First Class Trouble supports cross platform play.

First Class Trouble is a new six-player social deception game. Social deception games are where a group of players team up to find the traitor against a ticking clock, Among Us being one of the most popular Social deception games. First Class Trouble was under beta test until recently, when the game was officially released. Let’s see if First Class Trouble supports cross-platform play among Ps4, Ps5, and Xbox.

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Does First Class Trouble Support Crossplay?

The short answer is yes, First Class Trouble supports cross-platform play among all the platforms the game is available that includes PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Apart from that First class trouble also supports cross-generation play, which means that PS4 players and PS5 players can also play with each other.

First Class Trouble is a six-player game, so you will need to gather all your friends across consoles which is why enabling cross-platform play was very important here.

Since Among Us shot to fame, the popularity of the whole genre of social deception games has skyrocketed. In First Class Trouble, 2 out of the six teammates are Persanoids, and the other four are Residents. The Residents are like Crewmates from Among Us, whereas the Personoids are the Imposters. The Residents have to stop an AI named C.A.I.N, and the Personoids will try to kill the Residents.

While it may sound like Among Us First Class Trouble is way more layered with multiple big maps and 12 ways of killing each other. The big map and multiple ways of killing increases the number of scenarios you can get into in the game and makes it way more interesting than Among Us

First Class Trouble is available for free on Playstation Plus, so if you are a PS4 or PS5 user, definitely check out the game.  Other users can buy the game for USD 15, making it a delightful game at that price.

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