How To Finish Mission In Ready Or Not?

This guide will show you how to finish and complete a mission in Ready or Not.

Confused about how to end and Finish a Mission in Ready or Not? So was I when I started playing the game. However, there are certain conditions that you need to complete before you can end a mission in the game. Without doing these you won’t be able to complete your given mission. So, scroll down and find out everything you need to do to successfully complete a task.

How to Finish and Complete a Mission in Ready Or Not?

Ready Or Not Finish Mission - How To Complete And End Tasks?

To finish a mission in the game you will need to follow the given steps:

  • Make sure you complete all the objectives in the game.
  • Complete all the secondary tasks that you have to do during the mission.
  • Detain or eliminate any and all suspects you come across the task.
  • Seal and bag all evidence during the raid.
  • Make sure to not harm any civilian you come across. You can detain them if you want, but make sure to not kill them.
  • Now, once you detain/kill the final suspect, you will see a mission-complete message on the top left of the screen.
  • Once this appears, click on the Pg Up button to Finish the Mission in Ready Or Not.
  • This will bring you back to the main menu and you will have successfully completed the mission.

Ready or Not is a game that thrives off realism. It is based on accurate representations of hostile scenarios. So, everything needs to be as per the textbook. This will also mean that you need to play like an actual SWAT office on a raid. No pressure then!

This is everything you need to know about how to finish a mission in Ready Or Not. While you are here make sure to have a look at whether Ready Or Not offers any Controller Support and How To Check Server Status.