Figure Fantasy: How To Complete The Basilisk Trial Hell Quest?

Basilisk Trail Hell is a quest in Figure Fantasy. Here's the line-up to complete the Basilisk Trial Hell quest in Figure Fantasy.

Figure Fantasy, is also known as Figure story, is the latest gacha rage. Figure Fantasy was running great on the JP (Japan) server, and now the developers have released the game worldwide as well. With the release of the game, the hoard of XP harvesting has also begun. The best way to get XP is by completing the quests, and the Basilisk Trial is one of them. Let’s see how to complete the Basilisk Trail in Figure Fantasy at the Hell difficulty.

How To Complete Basilisk Trial Hell Quest in Figure Fantasy?

The Basilisk Trial is one of the quests that you can access under Ihrendts‘ work section. Under the Ihrendts’ work section, you can see the Basilisk Trail button below the Ihrendts schedule option.

After clicking on the option, you will see the Basilisk Trail quest is divided into three difficulties Easy, Hard and Hell. While the order of difficulty is self-explanatory, the rewards are also highest for the Hell level and lowest for the easy setting

Players need to not only achieve victory but also win under specific conditions to complete the Basilisk Trial in hell difficulty in Figure Fantasy. Here are the three conditions for the Basilisk Trial Hell quest.

  • Achieve Victory
  • Keep Alfred’s health above 50% during the battle and the end of it as well
  • Finish the battle in 25 seconds

Follow the instructions in the below-mentioned video to complete the Basilisk Trial Hell in Figure Fantasy and complete.

To finish the quest, players need to complete all three objectives of the quest. The line-up mentioned is the best and has the highest probability of completing the challenge. In case you aren’t able to crack it in the first try again with the same team combination. The line-up is apt for the challenge, and players would complete the challenge in the first or second attempt.

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