Final Fantasy XIV HTTPS System Error Fix

Many players are getting the HTTPS System error in FFXIV. Here's how to fix the HTTPS system error in Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy is one of the most popular online RPGs and FFXIV is constantly luring in players to live up to the name of the franchise. Recently many players have been encountering the HTTPS system error when they start Final Fantasy XIV. Here are some of the solutions you can use to fix the HTTPS system error in Final Fantasy 14.

Ways To Fix The HTTPS System Error In Final Fantasy XIV

Fix The Firewall

Sometimes it is your system’s firewall that is blocking some files of Final Fantasy XIV. Press the windows+ R button and go to the control panel. Go to the system and security settings and then click on the Windows firewall settings. You will now see checkboxes that will enable you to turn the firewall on or off. This will stop your PC from blocking any files of the Final Fantasy 14 and will fix the HTTPS system error.

Run As Administrator

Right-click on the launcher and select the run as administrator option. This should enable you to tap into the developer settings and override any functions of your PC that are blocking Final Fantasy XIV. This should also fix the HTTPS system error in Final Fantasy XIV.

The OG Restart Trick

Restarting your PC should be your first instinct when you get the HTTPS system error. While there is no sound reason why but the restart trick seems to work most of the time. If that doesn’t work players can also try restarting their router or try connecting to a different internet source.

Make Internet Explorer Your Default Browser

While many might not be in its favor but setting Internet Explorer as the default browser has fixed the HTTPS system error in final fantasy XIV for many players. Changing the browser helps you get rid of the cache data and hence giving you fresh almost like a reset. We have tried this trick ourselves and we will tell you if it works or not as soon as Internet Explorer starts responding.

Try A Different Server

Final Fantasy is one of the most popular MMO RPG as it lures millions of players every year. The servers of the FF XIV are overburdened. Changing the server will reduce the queue time and might fix the HTTPS system error as well. Players can find multiple websites like ARRstatus that will help you choose the best and least crowded FF XIV server

These are all the solutions you can use to fix the Final Fantasy XIV HTTPS system error. Using these should mostly fix your problem but if it still prevails take a break and try again.

That’s all for this one, while you are here do check out our comprehensive Final fantasy guide and stay a step ahead of the game.