FFA Mode Explained In Call Of Duty

Want to know what is FFA Mode in Call Of Duty? Check this guide out.

Call Of Duty needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular games around the globe. Among the many modes in the various versions of the game, there is one mode in particular that is covered in the guide. And that is FFA mode in COD.

FFA is short for Free For All Mode which is also known as Deathmatch in Call Of Duty. This mode has been around since Call Of Duty and Call Of Duty 2 and has been appearing in various series of the game. Although the rules of this mode vary from every series, but there are a set of Universal Rules of FFA mode in COD. Read along with this guide and know more about this mode.

FFA Mode in COD Explained

Free For All Call Of Duty

FFA mode is alternatively known as Wolfpack of 1. In this deathmatch mode, you don’t get to play in teams or squads. You have to go alone and conquer the battlefield by defeating other raging players. Also, in this mode, the players are respawned once they are killed. And this keeps happening until the time limit of the mode is over.

The Universal Rules for FFA in COD are given below.

  • On the battlefield, there will be only 8 players in total.
  • The duration of this mode will be a window of 10 minutes.
  • You will gain points for each player that you kill.
  • You can receive 5, 50, or 100 points depending on the kill.
  • Lastly, No Single Assists.

These rules are common in all the series of Call Of Duty. The match can end in only two ways. Either one of the players has scored the winning number of points or the time has run out.

It is a fun mode to play and enhance your skills in the game. You have less time and more points to score and emerge victorious in the conflict. This is all you need to know about FFA Mode in COD.

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