How To Fix FFXIV Unable To Complete Version Check (Boot Error) In 2022?

Here are multiple ways to resolve FFXIV boot error in 2022.

Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of issues that players will have to encounter while playing the game on their favorite device. The issue that has left tons of fans scratching for their heads is the FF14 boot error, restricting fans to play the game. There are plenty of fans who reported that they are stuck on the black screen when they attempt to launch the game and then the game crashes with an error that says ‘FFXIV unable to complete version check’.

The reason why fans are having trouble fixing the ‘FF14 boot error’ is it does not disappear after restarting the device or uninstalling or reinstalling it again. If you too are having this FF XIV trusting error on your device and want to fix it now then don’t worry, we have got you covered.


Causes Of FF XIV Unable To Complete Version Check Error (Boot Error)

A lot of FF 14 users have no idea what led to this frustrating error and how to fix it. With that in mind, we have come up with a bunch of methods that could fix this error temporarily. Before we teach you how to fix FF 14 Unable to complete version check error, let’s take a look at the possible reasons that cause this error.

There could be many reasons why FF14 players are having this error in 2022. Most of the users who encounter this error claim that this is happening because of the Boot Configuration File of the game and the cache.


Here are all reasons that could lead to FF14 boot error 30605:

  • Boot Configuration File
  • Active windows firewall
  • Slow network connection
  • Pending update
  • Game cache

How To Fix FF XIV Boot Error?


After a bit of research, we have discovered a bunch of ways that could fix ‘FFXIV unable to complete version check error’ in 2022. Let’s take a look at each method one by one.

1. Edit FFXIV_boot.cfg

There are plenty of FF14 users who reported to have fixed this issue by simply editing FFXIV_boot.cfg file. If you don’t know how to tweak this file then follow the given steps:


  • Open My Computer
  • Go to User>Documents>My Games > FFXIV – A Realm Reborn Folder.
  • There, you will have to navigate FFXIV_Boot.file.
  • STEP 3. Once you get to the game folder locate the FFXIV_BOOT file.
  • Once located, right-click on it and then select Open with Notepad.
  • Once opened, locate BootVersionCheckMode
  • Once found, change its value from 0 to 1.
  • Repeat the same steps for B4EulaAgreement
  • Now save the changes and launch the game to check if the error is fixed or not.

2. Check Server Status

There are chances that you might be encountering this error because of a server issue. So, before you apply any solution, check out the server status of FFXIV first. To check server status, you will have to visit either the official Twitter handle of the game or a third-party site called, Downdetector.

3. Check Your Network

If the server is up and you are still facing an FF14 boot error on your device then it is likely that this could be happening due to your poor internet connection. To check your internet connection, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Disconnect your device from the internet.
  • Restart the Router.
  • Connect it again to your device.
  • Verify the Integrity of Game Cache (Steam)
  • Once done, launch the game to see if the error remain remains.

4. Disable The Firewall

The last method that we have for you to fix the FFXIV boot error requires you to turn off the Firewall on your PC. Don’t know how to disbale it? Well, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Control Panel on your PC.
  • Go to System and Security Settings.

FFXIV Boot Error

  • In the new window, click on Windows Defender Firewall


  • In the left side menu, you will have to click on ‘Turn Windows Defender Firewall On or OFF’.
  • In the new window, you will have to select to Turn off Windows Defender Firewall for both Private and Public network settings.
  • Once done, save all the changes and restart the PC.
  • Now, launch the game and see if the error is fixed or not.

These are multiple ways that can be used to fix FFXIV’s unable to complete Version check (boot error) in 2021.


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