FFXIV Leveling Guide – How To Level Up Fast In Final Fantasy XIV

Are you a new or returning player to FFXIV ? Here is all the ways you can level up faster.

Final Fantasy XIV leveling up is truly difficult. You might burn yourself out and not understand what to do and where to give importance first. It’s one of the best-made MMO games. This FFXIV is an open-world game with a lot of things to do and you can even play with your friends on here. Over 22 million people worldwide are playing FFXIV. With so many things to do in the game and hunts and quests, here is a guide to how you can quickly level up without any hassle and efficiently.

Ultimate FFXIV Leveling Guide

Focus on MSQ

A large portion of XP can be earned just from focusing on the Main Story Quest. Always keep checking on your guide on the top left to check what you need to do next. You can unlock a lot of content and features on the game by just doing the story Quest. There are a few side quests exceptions that you can do too. To find your story quest, just look for the exclamation icon on the game.

Use Food Buffs

You can go and talk to Sesamero on the game who is a food vendor to buy some food for your character. Like real life, you need food to keep going on FFXIV. You can get a 3% XP bonus by consuming the food. The buff lasts for 30 minutes. You can even consume the same food twice to double up on the Buff time. For example, you can consume 2 boiled eggs for a 60 minute buff with a 3% XP boost.

Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide.

Gear Up

You can use gear to boost your XP in Final Fantasy XIV. Use any item that can help you boost and level up to a certain level. Talk to the Novice NPCs and train with them. They’ll give you a ring that will help you level up to at least level 30.

Check on Duty Roulette

Go to Duty Finder where you can see all the different systems like Leveling, Trials etc. Some will be explained later on in this FFXIV Leveling Guide. On clicking the different systems you can check which one needs levelling up. On just picking up the Roulettes daily, you can level up a lot faster. Different roulettes unlock at different levels. Make sure you unlock them and level them up as you go.

Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide

Complete Class Quests

Every 5 levels give you a class quest if you are in a class. Make sure you take upon the quests and complete them so that you can earn some XP and level up quickly. These are also very similar to the GuildHests mentioned later in the FFXIV leveling guide.

Track the Hunting Log

When you check your hunting log it will show you what you need to go hunt. It logs everything in terms of what to hunt and enemies on the log too. Make sure you do check it to gather additional XP and complete some hunts for items.

Check the Hunt Board

Every Grand Company in the game has a Hunt Board. There are options to pick from Elite Marked Bills and regular bills. Picking up the bills you’ll see tasks where you have to go and kill. This gives you rewards like XP and allied seals. You can even check where to hunt for the enemies by looking at the map.

Wondrous Tails gives you XP

You can talk to Khloe and take a journal from her. Bonus rewards can be redeemed from this journal. You can even get stamps and XP. If you have already done some of the things in the journal, don’t worry as you can actually get rewards for some of those again by completing the quests with new players. You can reset them every week to give yourself more experience.

Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide

Complete Guildhests

You can get a massive amount of XP Boosts from doing Guildhests. There are different ones you can unlock at different levels. These are quests that you can do over and over again. If you use the one with the highest difficulty, you get the most rewards out of them. This is a way to boost your levels very quickly.

Using this guide, you can level up really efficiently in Final Fantasy XIV. Make sure you alternate between doing Guildhests and hunts as you can burn yourself out. After level 70, all you have to do is grind currency to level up to 80. It will take some time but the game will do its job. Getting an Error after updating the game? Here is how you can fix it.