Farming Simulator 19: How To Collect Milk?

Milk is a material that you can sell for money at Basic Sale Points.

Farming Simulator 19 is a simulation game where you get to tend your own farm. There are a lot of materials that you can produce and sell in the game. Milk is a material that you can sell for money at Basic Sale Points. If you are wondering how to get Milk in Farming Simulator 19, this guide will provide the answers for you.

How To Collect Milk In Farming Simulator 19?


Milk is produced exclusively by cows in Farming Simulator 19. You will need to purchase a Cow to start producing this material. However, before you can collect milk from the Cow Pasture, you will have to provide Water and cow food for your cows. You can collect Milk from the Cow Pasture using a Water Tanker that can carry Milk. Each Cow produces between 30 to 150 liters of Milk per day. The amount of Milk produced depends largely on factors we will explain below. Each Cow will produce some amount of Milk every 15 minutes.

There are many types of Cow Food available in the game: Grass, Hay, Silage, or Total Mixed Ration. You can select which food you want to provide keeping in mind that the type of food given to your cows can determine their productivity. Cows that are fed Grass have the least amount of productivity. Meanwhile, Cows that are fed Hay or Silage have e medium productivity. The Total Mixed Ration gives the maximum productivity and is the best food to give to your cows. Other factors like keeping the feeding area at the Pasture clean and supplying Straw bedding also increase the productivity levels of Cows.

This is all about how to get Milk in Farming Simulator 19. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more Farming Simulator game guides, check out Farming Simulator 18: How To Make Straw?