Fall Guys Rule 34: What Is It & Why It Is Always Trending?

What is Fall Guys Rule 34?

Fall Guys is a game that has a large gaming community of its own. However, sometimes this community can go a little overboard in showing their love for the franchise. The Fall Guys Rule 34 is one such instance. Today, we will explain what Fall Guys Rule 34 means and how it applies to the game.

Fall Guys Rule 34

Let us first understand what Rule 34 means. The rule stems from an internet theory that states “If it exists, there is p**n of it”. As per this theory, every content ever created has an adult-themed parallel for it. This is also true in the case of Fall Guys. Fall Guys Rule 34 includes 18+ versions of Fall Guys fan art. While this kind of content is never acknowledged by the creators, Fall Guys’ developers have actually addressed this in the past.

Last year the Fall Guys Rule 34 trend got so much traction that it reached the game’s developers. However, they were not happy with this.  In response, Fall Guys tweeted saying “If I see you replying to our tweets with Rule 34 Fall Guys art I will hide your tweets & block you.”

Further, the tweet also mentioned that fans were sending DMs to be unblocked after posting Rule 34 fan art. “I’m getting a lot of DMs on my personal account asking to be unblocked and saying they didn’t know it was a problem”

This response caused a lot of conflict at the time. While some fans understood the decision, others berated it. To some fans, this decision felt like an infringement of their freedom of expression. According to them, they were just expressing their appreciation for the game albeit in an unconventional manner.

However, the Fall Guys developers have made their opinion very clear on the matter. Fans that do not want to get blocked from their social media should refrain from posting such material there.

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