How To Fix ‘Failed to Query For Tournaments Rules’ Error in Fortnite

Here is guide to fix Failed Query error in Fortnite.

Fortnite users had first encountered “Failed to Query For Tournaments Rules” last year. Though it was fixed then but the same error has been irritating the Fortnite users again. When it occurred last year, the developer of the game had to delay the event in the countries like Brazil and East America.

The last time ‘Failed to Query For Tournament Rules’ was from the developer’s end but it was also seen that same could happen due to a glitch at your end as well. There are numerous Fortnite players who are having an issue and if that’s you then here are ways to fix it and enjoy the game flawlessly.

How To Fix “Failed to Query For Tournament Rules’ Error in Fortnite?

‘Failed to Query for Tournaments Rule’ in Fortnite is an error that pops up on your school when you are in queue to get into a tournament. So imagine you are patiently waiting to get in somewhere and suddenly they close the doors after waiting for hours!!

Sounds annoying right? this is what this error is exactly doing in Fortnite. After waiting for hours to get into a tournament players are receiving a “Failed to Query for Tournaments Rules” error in the game. But do not worry here is a guide for you to fix this error if it’s happening from your end.

Here Are Different Ways To Fix The Error:

1) First of all this happens then check on the official site of the Epic Games if the error is from their end. If YES, the only thing you can do is wait until it’s fixed.

2) Check your internet connection if everything is in its place.

3) Log out and log in again from the Epic Games account.

4) Restart your system and try signing in again.

5) Try logging in from another device if available.

Follow the guide and fix the ‘Failed to Query for Tournaments Rule’ error in Fortnite. For more updates on the Wonder Women Cups event in Fortnite check this article out.