F1 Clash Guide: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide And Tips

Here are all the tips and tricks for all beginners to master in F1 Clash.

F1 Clash is the newest iteration of Formula 1 game series and hence we are here with handy tips and a trick guide for beginners. F1 has been the favored child for racing games over a long period of time. With F1 Clash, you will be able to experience the thrill of the game on your mobile. So, let’s find out all tips and tricks to follow for this game.

F1 Clash Beginner’s Guide And Tips

F1 Clash Beginners Guide

Here are some of the best tips and tricks that all beginner’s should follow to win every race in F1 Clash:

First, make sure you upgrades to your cars and drivers in the game. This is the only way to guarantee at the very least a good qualifying outcome. When you get rare parts in the game, use them. However, also keep an eye out for the reliability of the engine.

Drivers need to be upgraded sufficiently too in F1 Clash. This will increase and boost their stats in the game and keep them relevant. Choose your driver lineup according to the conditions. Some drivers are better in the rain, so, for rainy tracks, use drivers that are quick in the rain. Again, look out for the rare driver cards.

Alternate Strategies: F1 Clash Tips and Tricks

Make sure both your drivers are running alternate strategies in the game. However, make sure that they don’t overlap. One handy tip to follow is to keep the car with a higher qualifying position on a one stop strategy. This will allow you to get nearer to the top and reduce pit stop times.

Some drivers are better at tire management. So, if you work out the strategy well, you just might be able to get a hard-soft strategy to work out. Pay attention and use a few races as practice so that you get used to the game.

Limit Pit Stops

Another tip to follow in F1 Clash is to limit the number of pit stops. Try to make a one stop strategy work as it will allow you to get quite far ahead in the game. Especially for the car that starts out in front.

However, if you manage to use soft tyres and balance your fuel consumption, you might be able to use a two-stop strategy. Although, you will have to experiment a bit before something like this works out for you.

Using The Boost

The game allows you to speed up your car. However, this also results in larger fuel consumption. Most of the time you can use the fuel for a maximum of 1-1.5 laps before you have any fuel to finish the race with.

Therefore, in the start of the race, it is a good idea to use the boost for one car on the first lap. For the second car, you can use this feature in the last lap to make up places quickly as the cars will be spaced out, making overtaking much easier than before.

Buy In-game Items

The game allows you to make some in-game purchases too. With the help of these purchases, you will be able to upgrade your drivers and cars. There is also a chance to earn coins by watching some of the videos. This will in turn allow you to enter higher series levels with ease and have a higher payday in exchange of it.

To summarize, the gameplay will all boil down to your decision making. It will take you a few tries to get used to the mechanics of the game before you understand it well. Keep experimenting with different strategies till you find a good method that works out for you.

This is everything you need to know about F1 Clash Tips and Tricks for beginners. Check out our another article on FR Legends livery codes.