ExoMiner: How To Refine Ores

Here is all you need to do to Refine in ExoMiner.

Refining is the basis to progress in this game. We refine ores to get resources and sell them for cash. But how does this process work? How to refine ores in ExoMiner? If you have such questions, keep reading this guide and learn the answers to all your queries. Plus, learn the role of research in the refining process.

Where to Refine Ores in ExoMiner

Refined Carbon In ExoMiner

You have to research Refinery to refine your ores in ExoMiner. 600 Carbon and 250 Tin ores are needed to research this feature. After unlocking this research you will see a Production structure linked to Resources. This Production facility refines ores. And this also unlocks the Production tab beside Research, so you can directly go to Production with it. If this brief explanation is insufficient for you. Then keep reading for detailed steps.

  • Launch your game and search for Tin Resource Deposit. Unlock it using money.
  • Now increase the Mining Speed and Transport Speed of Carbon and Tin. You need to sell Ores for money and then use them for upgrades.
  • This will speed up the Ore mining. And you will fulfill the target of 600 Carbon and 250 Tin faster.
  • Once you have obtained the mentioned amount. Go to the Research tab. Placed at the bottom of your main screen and looks like some molecular formula. It is right next to the hammer symbol.
  • Tap on the first left option linked to Rocket. Press the Research button.
  • Go back to the main screen.
  • Now, choose that hammer symbol from the main screen and press the plus icon. You will see the Refined Carbon option.
  • Carbon Refining is already unlocked when you create a Production line. But others have to be unlocked with cash. You will see another slot next to Carbon. Unlock it if you have cash or earn money by selling ores and refined elements like Refined Carbon.
  • All unlocked refineries will automatically refine their ores.

That’s all players need to know about how to Refine in ExoMiner. While you are here, skim our other guides, like how to get Relics and make money in the mentioned game.