Evony: How To Leave Alliance At Different Ranks

Want to leave alliance but finding it difficult, read this.

Alliance plays a really important part in this game, being a member of an inactive alliance means you are missing out on many opportunities. Even when building your banner you need the help of alliance members. Plus as you grow many alliances approach you with offers of joining their groups.
Joining an alliance is easy but getting out of it might be a little confusing. This article will tell you how you can leave alliance at different ranks in Evony the King’s Return.

How to Leave Alliance at Different Ranks in Evony the King’s Return

Leave Alliance Steps In Evony The Kings Return

Methods for R1 to R4

If you are between R1 to R4 ranks then you simply need to follow the steps shown below.

  • Open your game, and look at the bottom right corner of your screen, you’ll see an alliance button.
  • You’ll see your alliance details once you enter it, now on the bottom right corner of your screen you’ll see a “Manage” button, click on it, and you’ll see five options, choose the fifth option of “Leave Alliance“.
  • A confirmation warning will come, which will also tell you that you cannot join any other alliance before 12 hrs.
  • If you are in the active alliance you can also ask your alliance leader or Rank 5 member to expel you from the alliance.

Methods for R5

If you are an R5 member then there is a possibility that you created the group or the previous leader made you the leader. But you don’t want that burden, in such cases, you simply need to do two things.

  • First, if every member agrees, you can disband the alliance.
  • Go to your alliance section and choose “Manage”, unlike R2 to R4 members you’ll see a “Disband Alliance” option in place of a leave alliance.
  • It will show you the warning and note that you cannot join any other alliance before 12hrs.
  • The second method is to become inactive for more than a week so your leadership goes to the next member with the most honor points.
  • You can also transfer your leadership to another member, after leaving your leadership, you can ask the leader to change your rank, then following the steps of R1 to R4 you can leave the alliance.

This article has listed all the ways through which you can leave the alliance at different ranks in Evony the King’s Return. Looking for more articles related to this game check out best mounted generals.