Escape From Tarkov: What Is A Server Wipe And When Is The Next Wipe?

Server wipe resets all the progress in Escape from Tarkov. Here's everything that resets will reset in the wipe and when is the next wipe.

The major USP of Escape from Tarkov is how after every game you wake up naked and get a fresh start (sort of). After dying in every game you start fresh and all the weapons and armors you gathered are lost. While this is a soft reset the server wipe is the bigger version of this. Server wipe is some kind of hard reset in Escape from Tarkov. Let’s dig deeper and know more about the Server wipe and when will be the next server wipe in Escape from Tarkov.

Everything That Is Reset In The Server Wipe Of Escape From Tarkov

Your weapons and armors that you acquire during every game are reset once you die but apart from that, all the progress remains intact. Server wipe resets everything thing in the game from stats to traders rep. Every item you earned, every weapon you bought or traded all your XP points are reset in the server wipe.

The main purpose of the server wipe is to get all the players at the same point. This unique move has played well for Escape from Tarkov as it keeps the game from becoming dead. The gap between veterans and rookies is kept in check with every server wipe.  The server wipe resets everything and every player has to start from the beginning.

When Is The Next Server Wipe In Escape From Tarkov?

The last two Escape from Tarkov server wipes were in December 2020 and July 2021. As per this pattern, we can expect a new server wipe every 6 months but if you consider all the previous wipes the case will be different. When you take an average of all the server wipes in the game the average comes to 8 months. Our best guess is a new server wipe will come every 6-10 months in escape from tarkov. Players should also keep an eye on the patch update. The Escape from Tarkov server wipe comes along with the patch update.

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