Stuck On Matching And Long Queue Time Fix For Escape From Tarkov

Along with the 12.11 update of EFT came some issues. Let's see how to fix the Long queue time and Matching issues in Escape From Tarkov.

Recently players have been getting long Queue time and are stuck on the matching page for a long time in Escape From Tarkov. The reason for this is also the reason why most of the players are tuning into the game, the new 12.11 patch. The new patch is supposed to bring in new weapons and a new boss. Apart from that nothing more has been revealed by Battlestate Games, the developers of the game. Read till the end to find out a fix for the long queue time fix in EFT.

Long Queue Time And Stuck On Matching Fix For Escape From Tarkov

Battlestate has acknowledged the issue and has tweeted that they will be performing a server update to fix the issue. After the server maintenance players will have to download an update.  After that players won’t be stuck at the matching screen for long and won’t get long queue time as well.
In case this doesn’t work or the update hasn’t been rolled out yet you can use some other fixes as well. In an earlier tweet, Battlestate advised players to select multiple servers instead of one while looking for matches. Many times specific servers are more crowded than others leading to log queue time. This is why choosing multiple servers increases the probability of getting an empty or less crowded server.

In case you get a queue time of more than 30 mins we would advise you to restart the game and give it another try. The OG restart trick might get you a better server so don’t ignore it. Long queue time isn’t something new for EFT players. The issue prevails every time a new update or patch is rolled out. Hopefully the long queue time and stuck on matching issues will be fixed with the new update. Until then you can also use the above-mentioned fixes.

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