Epic Seven: Everything About The Order Of The Sword And The Lord Of Summer Update

Order of sword and lord of summer is the new Epic seven update. Here's the release date & time, new mini games, currencies and items.

Just like any other gacha game Epic seven also gets multiple new updates, characters, and items. Every update acts like a reset where all the players, beginners, and rookies have to start from scratch to get the character, item, or reward. Read further to know all about the new Order of sword and lord of summer update in Epic Seven.

What Is The Order of Sword And Lord Of Summer Update In Epic Seven?

Alexa, Iseria, and Cermia are vacationing in the port city of Levulin where they will be exploring the beach and its surroundings to get new characters and items. Read further to know more about the update.

Epic Seven Update Release Date And Time

The new Order of the sword and Lord of Summer update will be released on 19th August at 3 am UTC. The game will have server maintenance before that so you have to wait for the server maintenance to end on 19th August.

How To Enter The Update In Epic Seven? (Eligibility)

After updating the game all you have to do is complete chapters 10-10 and then you’ll be able to enter the port city of Levulin through the Shrieking Hall in Episode 1.

New Chapters In Epic Seven Update

epic seven update

  • Levulin Beach

Levulin beach is the first chapter in the update, all the stages have different minigames like the volleyball tournament. The Levulin beach will be available for players from the start of the update that is 19th august till 9th September 3 am UTC.

  • Spider Fortress

Spider Fortress is the second chapter in the update and it will be available from 26th August till the end of the update that is 9th September

  • Azimanus Temple of the Past

Azinmanus Temple of the Past is the third chapter in the update and it will be available in the game from 2nd September to 9th September.

All the different chapters will have certain mini-games. Players have to complete the 14 stages of these mini-games to get special rewards like characters and in-game items.

New Heroes in Epic Seven Update

  • Cermia and Alexa

Even though they are not new both of them are getting major upgrades that’ll make them OP.  With the max limit of LVL 60, Cermia and Alexa’s skills are increased by 15% and their Attack and health are increased by 30%.

  • Iseria, Chaos Sect AX, Chaos Inquisitor, and Zealot Carmainerose

Not many changes are made here apart from the Attack and the Health of all these characters is increased by 30%.

A new currency called the Levulin beach seashells will also be introduced in the update. Every chapter will have its currency which you only use in that specific area.

These were all the important highlights of the Order of the sword and Lord of the summer update in Epic seven. In case you want to know every detail about the update click here to check out the official announcement.

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