Epic Seven: How To Get Spirit Eye Celine And All About Her Stats, Attacks and Skills

Spirit Eye Celine is the latest DPS character in Epic Seven. Let's see how to get Spirit Eye Celine in Epic Seven and her attacks & skills.

Epic Seven is one of the most popular card-pull gacha games. With every update, they release a new character, new mission, or a new weapon, making the game more interesting. Spirit eye Celine is one such character, while players have seen Celine before Spirit Eye Celine is a new overpowered version of the character in Epic Seven. Let’s see how to unlock Spirit Eye Celine and what are her stats, attacks, and skills.

How To Get Spirit Eye Celine In Epic Seven?

Epic Seven is a card-pulling gacha, which is why the only way to get any new characters or any characters is by drawing cards. While getting Spirit Eye Celine is a game of luck, we would recommend players with the highest chance in Mystic draws. The best bet is Mystic draws or just keep drawing or rerolling until you get Spirit Eye Celine.

Spirit Eye Celine’s Skills, Stats, and Attacks In Epic Seven

Here are all the stats of Spirit Eye Celine

ATK 1158
HP 5016
SPD 122
DEF 532
CC 27%
CDmg 150%
DA 5%
EFF 0%


Skills of Spirit Eye Celine In Epic Seven

  • Spirit Eye Celine’s chance of using the Nimble Sword by 35% and 70% is it is possessed. The Nimble sword will highly contribute to her already high DPS.
  • Increase Souls by five and decrease the self-skill CDs by 1, and the Damage taken by Spirit Eye Celine will not go beyond 70%.
  • Using a 6-turn CD will give all the teammates immortality for one turn
  • Using the Soulburn will give Spirit Eye Celine an extra turn.

These are all the skills and stats of Spirit Eye Celine. We would recommend players to use Spirit Eye Celine in place of a DPS in their team to cruise through your enemies.

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