Epic Seven: How To Sell Equipment?

Want to sell Equipment in Epic Seven? Check out this guide.

Having the right equipment for your hero can make all the difference in a battle. Also, the equipment enhances the power of the hero. But, every time you play, you collect different kinds of equipment, and over time, you collect dozens of the same equipment. Keeping the inventory space in mind, you’d have to sell equipment in Epic Seven.

It is an easy procedure to do so and we have mentioned the steps for you to refer to. So, you simply have to read along with this guide to learn all there is to know about the same.

How to Sell Equipment in Epic Seven?

Sell Equipment in Epic Seven

It is fairly easy to sell equipment in Epic Seven and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. However, you must remember that once you remove equipment from the inventory, you can’t get it back. You’d have to play the game and earn it all over again. Also, you can’t sell the equipment if it is equipped by any of your heroes. You’d have to first unequip it and then proceed to remove it.

So, make sure you don’t sell important equipment. Below, we have mentioned a few steps to help you go through the process. Glance through the steps to make no mistakes.

  • Open Epic Seven on your device
  • On the main screen, click on the Inventory icon in the top-right corner
  • Click on the Shield-Sword icon which is second from your left
  • Select the Equipment you wish to Sell
  • Click on the Bin icon
  • Tap on the Confirm button

You can review the items you’ll receive in exchange for the equipment before confirming to sell it. This is all you need to know about how to sell equipment in Epic Seven. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can scroll through other similar articles such as How to Sell Artifacts in Epic Seven? and How to Sell Heroes?