Epic Seven: Who To Choose For Moonlight Blessing?

You can acquire 5-star Moonlight Heroes through Moonlight Blessing

Moonlight Blessing is a feature in Epic Seven that allows you to acquire a 5-star Moonlight Hero. There are six 5-star Moonlight Heroes available in the game. These are Arbiter Vildred, Ruele of Light, Judge Kise, Martial Artist Ken, Dark Corvus, and Specter Tenebria. Moonlight Blessing is unlocked after you clear 10-10 of Episode 1. In this guide, we will discuss the best picks for Moonlight Blessing in Epic Seven.

Who To Choose For Moonlight Blessing In Epic Seven?


While all the Moonlight Heroes are great and would make a good addition to your roster, you need to pick the best options in the Moonlight Blessing. To that end, we have listed the best choices you could go for. These are Arbiter Vildred and Specter Tenebria. Let us take a look at why each of these Heroes makes a good pick for Moonlight Blessing in Epic Seven.

Arbiter Vildred

Arbiter Vildred is a Dark Theif with a passive revive that can work well as a DPS unit. His S1 allows him to hit multiple targets at once and can even decrease their combat readiness by 10% once Awakened. Meanwhile, his second skill is Self Revive. This lets Arbiter Vildred regenerates to 70% Health after sustaining lethal damage. In addition, he also gains 100% combat readiness, full Focus, and increased Attack for 2 turns. Lastly, Severe damage is his third skill and can decrease the enemies’ Hit Chance by 50%.

These skills make him a good option for both PVE and PVP.

Specter Tenebria

Specter Tenebria is a Dark Mage who is an excellent single-attack damage dealer. Moreover, she gains a 50% bonus attack damage when an ally or enemy is defeated. If an enemy dies with her S3, every member of the opposing team loses 50% combat readiness.

Her S1 has a poison effect and cannot be counterattacked. Self Protection is the S2 that protects her from being targeted by single attacks when allies are present. It also gives her a 7% increased Attack and Defense every time somebody dies. Lastly, her S3 can stun the enemy and deal damage.

These are the best picks for Moonlight Blessing in Epic Seven. We hope this guide was helpful to you. For More Epic Seven guides, check out How To Specialty Change Alexa In Epic Seven?