Epic Seven: How To Get Modification Gems?

Want to get Modification Gems in Epic Seven? Check out this guide.

While playing Epic Seven, there are various kinds of weapons and gears that you can obtain in the game. You can get many weapons while battling enemies in the PvE format. However, you can upgrade the stats of your gear as well. And in order to do so, you need to get modification gems in Epic Seven. If you’re struggling to know more about these items, you needn’t fret anymore as you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we have covered where and how to get them into the game. You simply have to read along with this guide further to learn more about the same.

How to get Modification Gems in Epic Seven?

Modification Gems in Epic Seven

Modification materials in the game can be quite useful when you’re falling short of a few stats to maximize your potential. Nonetheless, you can only use these items on weapons and gear. These materials can improve the individual stats of your gear so that you can fight better in battles. And in order to use them, you need to first get modification gems in epic seven.

You will find these items as rewards for completing the expedition. There are two kinds of gems namely Lesser gems and Greater gems. As the name suggests, the lesser gems give you lesser stats and the greater gems grant you higher stats. While you’re up to it, make sure that you play level 2 or level 3 Expeditions as they give out Greater gems.

One more thing you need to note down about these gems is that they operate on RNG basis. It means that by using these gems, the gear may gain or lose stats as well. This is all you need to know about how to get modification gems in Epic Seven.

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