Epic Seven: Hell Raid Guide

Here's how to defeat the different bosses in Epic Seven and get rewards.

There is a lot of curiosity surrounding Hell Raid in Epic Seven. A Hell Raid is perfect for acquiring Level 88 Gear that is not easily available in the game otherwise. You can get many valuable pieces of gear like the raid sword or the immunity armor. Basically, a Hell Raid is crucial for Gear and speeds up game progression considerably. In this Hell Raid guide, you will learn more about the bosses you will face and how to defeat them in Epic Seven.

How To Defeat Hell Raid Bosses In Epic Seven?


You can attempt one Hell Raid per month and reap the rewards for it. However, once you defeat the bosses and complete a Hell Raid, the Bosses will not respawn till next month.

There are five bosses that you will face in a Hell Raid: Devourer Arahakan, Executioner Karkanis, Queen Azumashik, Secretary Vera, and Juleeve Council. Each boss has a different difficulty level and players will need to have personalized strategies to defeat each boss quickly.

Devourer Arahakan

This Raid Boss is one of the easiest to overcome. The key to defeating this boss is killing minions early in the fight. You need to remember that Arahakan takes less damage when Corrupted Web is available so it is the perfect time to focus on the minions instead. In addition, you should also cleanse Defense Break that is applied with the minion’s normal attack.

You can put Defense Break on Devourer Arahakan and try to deal damage when Corrupted Web is in Cooldown. We would recommend opting for a AOE Damage Dealer like Arbiter Vildred and a Healer/Cleanser like Angelic Montmorancy to be a part of the team. In addition, you can also opt for a Defense Breaker like Falconer Kluri to really amp up the team strength.

Executioner Karkanis

This Hell Raid Boss presents more of a challenge than Devourer Arahakan in Epic Seven. You should cleanse Defense Break and utilize an Immunity Buff early. You should also refrain from going for Executioner Karkanis when a decrease Hit Chance Debuff or Defense Break is active. This time can be used to go after the minions instead.

When you have brought down the boss health below 70%, you will need a character that can hit Stealth Unit. Once, the boss is 40%, it won’t be able to go Stealth anymore. This is the time to deal the damage and go after the boss with an AOE Damage Dealer. You might want to apply the Immunity Buff to avoid the Wild Slash from Executioner Karkanis.

We recommend using a character that can break Stealth combined with a Healer, Cleanser and a Single Target Damage Dealer. You might also want to include a Defense Breaker to speed up the process. Arbiter Vildred, Angelic Montmorancy, Clarissa, and Sigret are all good options to pick.

Queen Azumashik

To have the upper hand in this fight, you will need to negate Queen Azumashik’s buffs as soon as possible. In addition, you should try to maintain your health above 50% to avoid extra attacks.

Minions should be eliminated first as they will counter attack later when Queen Azumashik’s health falls below 50%. At this point, it is basically a race to eliminate this boss as soon as possible. She will gain extra damage at this stage so the Team Recovery and Defense will fall short eventually.

We recommend using a Single Target Damage Dealer, Healer, and Cleanser combination with a Defense Breaker to top it off. You will find Buff Dispel quite useful for this Boss fight. Iseria, Angelic Montmorancy, Lorina, and Charles are some characters that can help you win the Hell Raid Boss fight in Epic Seven.

Secretary Vera

For this boss fight, you must focus on eliminating the eggs before you go for Secretary Vera. To do this, you will need a decent AOE Damage Dealer. You should also cleanse Stun and Debuffs or use an Immunity buff. The main damage dealers in the Team should focus on eliminating Cocoon before it hatches. Meanwhile, continue to cleanse Debuffs to keep your team strong. You should kill Secretary Vera before she has the chance to gather too much steam.

We recommend using an AOE Damage Dealer with a Healer and a Cleanser to have the best shot. Characters like Arbiter Vildred, Angelic Montmorancy, Achates, and Kanna can all be valid options to consider for the different required roles in this Epic Seven Hell Raid.

Juleeve Council

For this boss, you should routinely cleanse Poison and apply Debuffs when Juleeve Council is in Split form. This will help dispel the buffs and you can take out the boss with a good damage dealer like Arbiter Vildred or Kanna. Since the main goal is to continue dealing damage while keeping the Team from getting poisoned Healers and multiple Cleansers are a must for the team. You would also benefit from Immunity and Attack buffs for this fight.

This is all about Hell Raid in Epic Seven. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Delete Heroes In Epic Seven?