Epic Seven: How To Beat Incomplete Fastus?

Want to defeat Incomplete Fastus in Epic Seven? Here's how to do that.

Epic Seven is a role-playing game where you have to defeat various enemies and bosses. When it comes to boss fights, you have to understand that they would be slightly tougher than other enemy battles. You have to grind, perhaps play multiple times to slay the boss. If you’re wondering how to beat Incomplete Fastus in Epic Seven, you’ve landed in the place. In this guide, we have covered how you can defeat the boss and earn rewards in the game. All you have to do is just read along with this guide and you will be on your way to winning the boss fight.

How to Defeat Incomplete Fastus in Epic Seven?

Incomplete Fastus in Epic Seven

You will face Incomplete Fastus on 10-10 episode 2. In this boss fight, you have to focus and make the right move at the right time to beat Incomplete Fastus in Epic Seven. Before attacking your foe, you must learn about some of his moves so you can dodge its attacks and land your blows perfectly.

Incomplete Fastus is rather easy to defeat than in his complete form. He has 3 skills up his sleeve. Using the S1, the boss will attack and remove 2 buffs. Along with that, there is a 35% chance that each member of your party will be stunned. Coming to S2, it is an Area of Effect attack that reduces your HP. And the S3 is also an AoE damage that penetrates your defense and also depletes your CR by 20%-50%.

The skills of Incomplete Fastus may seem intimidating, but you have to adapt to a team composition that can hold your ground until it is defeated. Firstly, you will need 2 members with higher attack stats to land powerful blows. Now, the remaining two places of the party will require one healer to restore HP of the party and one utility buff stripper.

The trick is to defeat the boss before he overpowers you in the game. In order to do that, you have to kill his party members before it enters Rampage mode. Also, keep attacking faster to deplete his HP and you will emerge victorious.

Once you’re able to beat Incomplete Fastus in Epic seven, you will be rewarded with Gold Transmit Stones (x6). This is all you need to know about how to win the boss fight in the game. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free and browse through other similar articles such as How to Farm Mystic Medals in Epic Seven? and How to Get Adin?