Epic Seven: How To Defeat Archdemon Mercedes?

Find out how to defeat this Dark Mage In Epic Seven.

Epic Seven has many bosses that be difficult to beat and Archdemon Mercedes is one such boss. Players will face this boss in Episode 1 Eureka Stage 10-10. To defeat this Boss, players will need to have the right team as well as the right strategy. In this guide, we will reveal the best units to face off against this boss as well as some tips and tricks that will be useful in beating her.

How To Beat Archdemon Mercedes In Epic Seven?


Archdemon Mercedes is a 5-star Dark element character. She is a Mage who is the literal manifestation of chaos. She possesses many souls within her. Endlessly searching for a body that can contain it, Archdemon Mercedes strives on corrupt energy. Her Zodiac sign is Aquarius and she possesses a max CP of 18032.

Skill 1 for this character is Touch of Chaos which has a 50% chance to seal players for 2 turns before attacking with lighting. The second skill of this character is Twisted Power which is a Passive and can grant 20% decreased critical hit damage to Archdemon Mercedes. Lastly, the character has the Dissolution skill which can attack enemies with a 75% chance of inflicting 2 burn effects for 2 turns and also grants an extra turn to the caster.

The best way to beat Archdemon Mercedes is through Buff Control. It can significantly reduce the amount of damage she can do. Her strength lies in long combats where she can deal damage over time. For this, players will need a dedicated healer and cleanser on their team. Characters like Emilia, Ray, and Elena can be a good choice for this. Alternatively, players can also utilize Roana to deal with the extra attacks. Roana can also heal the team and foray forward under attack. Players can also go heavy on the damage and defeat Archdemon Mercedes early in Epic Seven. This can be done using powerhouses like Little Queen Charlotte or Hwayoung.

This is how players can defeat Archdemon Mercedes in Epic Seven. For more Epic Seven guides, check out Guide To Equipment Conversion In Epic Seven.