Epic Seven: How To Get Arbiter Vildred Skin?

Here's all about the Epic Skin in E7.

Arbiter Vildred is a 5-star Hero in Epic Seven. He is a Dark element, Thief class Hero who can be attained through Moonlight Summon in E7. If you want to spruce up the look of this Moonlight Hero in Epic Seven, you can get the Dark Monarch Arbiter Vildred Skin for him. In this guide, we will explain how you can attain this dark and mysterious skin in the game.

How To Get Arbiter Vildred Skin In Epic Seven?


Arbiter Vildred is a knight who has embraced the boundless power of darkness. Keeping this in mind, the Dark Monarch Arbiter Vildred skin is perfect for this Moonlight Hero in Epic Seven. You will not have to spend any real money to get this skin. It is obtainable by finishing in the Master League or above in the World Arena Conviction Season.

While this sounds simple in theory, achieving this landmark in the game can be quite a task. You will need great teams, gear, and skills to stand a chance of climbing up the ranks in World Arena. Most players get stuck around the Gold level which will not give you the Dark Monarch Arbiter Vildred skin as a reward. Instead, you will just get Conquest Points.

Unlike the Mercedes Skin, you do not need any code to unlock this skin. It will be automatically unlocked once you complete the requirements for it. However, it is a time-locked skin as it will not be available once the Pre-Season for the World Arena Conviction Season is over. You must collect the rewards before then. Otherwise, you will just have to wait for the skin to make a reappearance in the game before you are able t acquire it.

That is all about getting the Dark Monarch Arbiter Vildred skin in Epic Seven. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Unlock Furious In Epic Seven?