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Epic Games Store: Free Games List For March 2022

Epic Games Store gives away free games regularly

Free games are just that much more fun to enjoy. It’s a fact accepted and acknowledged within the gaming community. This is why game distribution platforms like Epic Games and Steam attract a huge amount of traffic when they put up popular games for free for a limited period of time. These offers can be a part of promotional events or festive celebrations. The end line is that players love to enjoy free games no matter what the occasion. To this end, Epic Games Store gives away free games regularly. Today, we will give you the Epic Games Store Free Games List for March 2022 so that you can download and enjoy these games at your leisure.

Free Games List For Epic Games Store In March 2022

Players will need to create an Epic account to get these Epic Games for free. However, it is quite easy to do so and the process is completely free. So, players can create a new account and start collecting the free Epic Games offered by the Store on this list.

Current Free Games On Epic Games Store List

Cities: Skylines


Free Duration: March 10 – March 17

Build cities as well as the land beneath them in this entertaining city builder game. Decide what kind of city you want to build. Build an urban dream city or an urban nightmare, the reigns are completely in your hands. Currently available for free, this game costs 729 INR to purchase otherwise.

In Sound Mind


Free Duration: March 17 – March 24

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Then this psychological horror game might be just the thing for you. Players will need to deal with victims of chemical exposure and deal with their demons as they dive into their psyche.

These are the only games available for free on Epic Games Store right now. Below is the list of games that have previously been offered for free in the store this year.

Previous Free Games On Epic Games Store List (2022)

Game Start End
Cris Tales February 24 March 3
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons February 17 February 24
Windbound February 10 February 17
Black Widow: Recharged March 3 March 10
Centipede: Recharged March 3 March 10
Dauntless Epic Slayer Kit March 3 March 10

This is a list of all the epic games offered for free in 2022. For more games, check out Games Like It Takes Two That You Should Try Out