Enter The Gungeon Console Commands (Cheat Codes) – April 2022

Here are all console commands that you can use in Enter The Gungeon.

Enter the Gungeon is a bullet hell roguelike game, which was initially released way back in 2016. The game turned out an instant hit when it was launched for all gaming platforms.

The story of Enter the Gungeon revolves around four adventurers as they descend into the titular Gungeon to get their hands on a time machine that has the potential to kill their past.


This game has plenty of enemies that you will have to fight throughout your journey. When you defeat enemies in the game, you will be given new guns and other in-game items as a reward.

There are tons of players who often play Enter the Gungeon but they are having a hard time killing enemies and obtain the desired in-game items. If you too are one of them then don’t worry, we have compiled a list of Enter the Gungeon console commands that can get you everything that you want in the game.

How To Use Console Commands In Enter The Gungeon?


Using console commands in Enter The Gungeon is straightforward. However, if you don’t know the procedure then follow the given steps:

  • First, download and install Mod The Gungeon.
  • Once you have successfully installed Mod The Gungeon, launch the game and press “~” to open the Mod The Gungeon console.
  • Once opened, you can use any of the below-mentioned consoles commands to get the desired result.

Enter the Gungeon Console Commands


  • godmode — Use this console command to enable or disable the god mode.
  • test skiplevel —  Use this to get to the next floor.
  • stat set session  — Use this to change the number of points in the statistics items.
  • stat set — Use this to change the number of points in the statistics item.
  • stat list — Use this command to see all items that can be used in the stat commands.
  • state mod — Use this command to add points to any stat items.
  • stat get — Use this to see the item statistics.
  • roll speed — Use this to get changed the roll speed.
  • roll distance — Use this to get changed the roll distance.
  • give casing — Use this command to get the specified number of cases.
  • give all actives — Use this to get all the active items.
  • give all passives —  Use this get all the passive items.
  • give all guns — Use this to get all the weapons available in the game.
  • give all — Use this to get all the items and weapons.
  • give — Use this to get the specific item or weapon.
  • conf enable_achievements — Use this to enable the ability to get achievements while using the mods.
  • conf enable_damage_indicator — Use this to check how much the enemy has been damaged by the player.
  • conf close_console_on_command  — Use this to close the console after entering a command.
  • spawn all — Use this command to create every enemy and boss in the same room.

Notably, these are not all Enter the Gungeon console commands that we have for you. We will update more console commands in the days to come. If you want to know what those commands are then bookmark this page and visit this page frequently as we will update soon.


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