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AC Valhalla — How To Climb The Enchanted Tower in Jotunheim

Here's a quick guide on how to climb the Enchanted Tower in Jotunheim.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is one of the most popular action role-playing video games released in 2020. The game has numerous quests to complete, regions to explore, and towers to climb. There is a tower called Enchanted, which is located in Jotunheim, which players have been having trouble climbing in AC Valhalla.

If you too have been facing difficulty climbing Enchanted Tower in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla then don’t worry, we have got you everything covered here.

AC Valhalla — How To Climb The Enchanted Tower in Jotunheim

Climbing Enchanted Tower in AC Valhalla is a bit complicated but if you follow the strategies that we will be mentioning here, you can easily climb this mysterious ice-covered tower in a few minutes.

The first thing you need to do is reach the location where Enchanted tower is located. If you don’t where to find it then don’t worry, you can check out the below picture, showing the exact location of the ice-covered tower.

Enchanted Tower AC Valhalla

After reaching the shown location, you will need to get inside through the hole. There, you will see a large open area, where you will have to go and take a right turn and keep running on the ledges. On your way, you will see a window on the right side, through that window you will have to enter the Enchanted tower.

Enchanted Tower AC Valhalla After jumping down into the room, you will see a stair leading you to another side of the tower. When you step out of the tower, you will find yet another stair, which you will have to climb as well.

Enchanted Tower AC Valhalla

When you reach the end of the stair, you will have to jump over to the beams and exit through the window.

Enchanted Tower AC Valhalla

Now, follow the rope on the left side and reach the corner. Jump over to the ledge in front and get inside through the window. There you will see yet another stair. After climbing that stair, you will have to break the ice through Torch to unleash the shelving.

Enchanted Tower AC Valhalla

Once you are done breaking the ice, climb the ledge with the rack and ring on the opposite side of the wall. Now, jump forward using the crossbar onto the yellow mold wall and climb on the right side.

There are two openings near the chest. Choose whatever you want and exit through the one and go upstairs along with the partition separating these two openings. Now, you will need to move along the snow-covered ledge safely.

Once crossed, exit through the window and move towards the right side, towards the brown flag. Climb higher and higher and soon you will reach the top of the Enchanted tower in AC Valhalla.

That’s everything you need to know about how to climb the Enchanted tower in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.